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Cancellation, Re-booking, and Refund Policy:

The Academy for Fist Aid & Safety will honor refunds and cancellations based on the following metrics:

  • Refund and cancellation honored if at least 48  hours notice is provided.  A $20.00 administration fee applies, which covers the transaction fees that were already charged to The Academy For First Aid & Safety if paid on-line, and the necessary administrative work needed to open the spot and re-advertise it back in our seat map database.

  • Refund will not be honored if participant cancels and/or postpones the course more than once.

  • In the event of a student being denied entry due to a late arrival or course, the student will be placed on a standby list for the next available course.  If space is available the day before the class, the academy will notify the student to attend.  The student will have the choice of accepting or choosing another date.  If the student is re-booked and is late or absent for the re-booking course, no refund will be granted and the student will have to pay the full fare of a first aid course again in order to obtain certification.
  • Anyone can be denied entry or ejected during the course for behaviour which is determined to be boisterous, rude, and / or hostile.  This includes (but not limited to) disrupting the classroom for whatever reason, swearing, cursing, excessive arguing, intimidation, poor manners, sleeping during the course, refusal to learn, excessive breaks and lunches not in accordance to the training break and meal standards, refusal to follow instructor directives, etc. 
  • The Academy For First Aid and Safety reserves the right to refuse to re-book or refund a student due to a "no show."