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Red Cross Standard first aid & CPR (including AED training):
Levels A, C, HCP:

The Canadian Red Cross Standard first aid and CPR course is the most commonly selected first aid course, and is the main standard in first aid & CPR training:

Blended on-line + in-class learning now available!

Spend less time in a classroom and more time on the job!  Our standard first aid & CPR course offers a blended learning platform where students can obtain their standard first aid certification in just one day in a classroom!  By registering for our blended first aid course, 7-8 hours of learning will be conducted on-line, and the other 7-8 hours will be conducted in a 1 day classroom instead of 14-16 hours in-class!

The Academy For First Aid & Safety offers hands on, comprehensive and easy to learn standard first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for anyone in need of first aid & CPR training due to work requirements, or those who wish to learn life saving skills to protect their loved ones.

This course includes First Aid & CPR Guidelines 2011, is recognized by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and meets Ontario Health & Safety (OHS) regulations for Basic First Aid.

First Aid & CPR Levels:


Level B- Babies:

This level is predominantly required for child care workers, nannies, and babysitters who are in the care of newborns and infants. Please note the that The Academy For First Aid does not teach level B by itself. Instead, we have level C which includes both infants and children.


Level C- Children:

This is the universal level that is most commonly selected. It includes baby, children, and adult CPR. By default, level C should be chosen unless specified otherwise by your employer or educational institution.


Level A- Adult:

Only CPR for an adult will be taught. Level A is common for work places that do not have anyone under the age of 18 on site.


Level HCP:

This level is catered to health care professionals, such as doctors, nurses, personal support workers, dentists, dental hygienists, etc. It involves two person rescue breathing and CPR using a BVM (bag valve mask) and contains additional training for head and spinal injuries. HCP covers babies (infants), children, and adults.

What this course will provide you:

  • Comprehensive, hands on training by certified first aid instructors by the Canadian Red Cross.
  • A Canadian Red Cross First Aid & CPR manual: A 200 page booklet of information, full colour illustrations, charts, glossary, etc.
  • One wallet sized certification card upon successful completion (valid for 3 years).

Standard first aid & CPR with AED training course content:

  • The Canadian Red Cross.
  • Preparing to respond.
  • The emergency medical services system.
  • Check, call, care.
  • Airway emergencies.
  • Breathing and circulation emergencies.
  • AED defibrillation.
  • Respiratory and cardiac arrest.
  • Wound care.
  • Head and spine injuries.
  • Bone, muscle, and joint injuries.
  • Sudden medical emergencies.
  • Environmental emergencies.
  • Poisons.
  • Additional skills for healthcare providers (HCP only).
  • Written exam: Minimum passing grade = 75%.

Requirements for successful completion of course:

  • 100% attendance.
  • 75% passing grade on knowledge test.

Students enrolled in post secondary education requirements:

Students who are attending post secondary education in a field where it is mandatory to obtain WSIB compliant first aid & CPR should check with their professor the required level of certification needed for academic purposes.  We have listed some of the most common courses below that need valid first aid & CPR with the most popular post secondary institutions in the greater Toronto area:


Seneca College:

- Nursing:
- Practical Nursing:


Humber College:

- Health Sciences:


George Brown:

- Nursing:
- Personal Support Worker (PSW)
- Dental


Centennial College:

- Health studies:

This course is suitable for:

Police Officers
Personal support workers
Childcare workers/teachers

Standard first aid & CPR is a mandatory requirement for Police Officers, fire fighters, nurses, personal support workers, child care workers, teachers, dentists, and dental hygienists in the Province of Ontario.

Course levels, duration, and costs:

  • Standard first aid & CPR Levels A & C blended course (on-line + in-class)
    Standard first aid & CPR Levels A & C blended course (on-line + in-class)$99.99

    7-8 hours on-line + 1 day 7-8 hours in class from 10:00am-6:00pm.
    No tax until July 2017!

  • Standard first aid & CPR Level HCP blended course (on-line + in-class)
    Standard first aid & CPR Level HCP blended course (on-line + in-class)$109.99

    7-8 hours on-line + 1 day 7-8 hours in class from 10:00am-6:00pm.
    No tax until July 2017!