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WSIB compliant first aid, CPR, and AED training in Toronto
Certified training partner with the Canadian Red Cross Society

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Basic Life Support (formerly Healthcare Provider) is catered to first responders and pre-hospital care professionals in the medical industry:

Basic life support (BLS) is the recognition of and initial intervention or treatment given by pre-hospital or in-facility responders to a patient suffering from cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest:

In-facility: Any environment within a clinical (including hospital) setting.
Pre-hospital: Any environment outside of a clinical (including hospital) setting.
Responder: Any individual with the professional responsibility to provide care to a patient in either a pre-hospital or an in-facility setting.

Your school and / or employer should specifically request you to take Basic Life Support because it is generally reserved for first responders and pre-hospital care personnel.

Basic Life Support will teach students the fundamentals of respiratory and cardiac arrest, and will focus more on care as opposed to prevention. In addition, oxygen therapy and airway management can also be taught as an add-on should your educational institution and/or employer specifically request these additional subjects.

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fall in love with our training offering:

Knowledgeable instructors

All of our instructors are certified by the Canadian Red Cross Society. Expect nothing short of impecabble and knowledgeable training.

Approved and accredited

All of our first aid and CPR courses are approved by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Ontario. Rest assured, your certification will be recognized anywhere in Canada!

Guarantee of best First Aid Training

Best prices guaranteed

We offer the best prices guaranteed! If you see another similar offering elsewhere by another Canadian Red Cross training partner, we will gladly match any rate!

Blended learning available

Our core first aid courses can be done either in a class, or a blended learning environment of on-line + in-class. Call us know to know more about this offering!

The Academy for First Aid

Three year certification

Your certificate will expire three years from the date of certification. Please note that your employer and / or educational institution may require you to re-certify sooner.

AED defibrillator trainer

Mandatory AED training

All courses include mandatory automated external defibrillator training. This core subject is crucial for the survival of a patient in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Your Basic Life Support class can include oxygen therapy and airway management as seen above:


Basic life saver (HCP)
$ 59
1 day
4 hours!


first aid and CPR with BLS (HCP)
$ 74
2 days
12 hours!


first aid and CPR with BLS (HCP)
$ 109
2 days
16 hours!


Recertifiction courses:
$ 49-99
2 days
16 hours!