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Ontario Regulation 1101

Is your company in compliance with Ontario Regulation 1101?  Don't take the risk of being non-compliant!  Fines are expensive, and in the event of a workplace accident, WSIB claims can be DENIED to the employee and company due to non-compliance of 1101!

Regardless of how small or how large your work force is, there is no minimum number of employees in which your company will be exempt from Ontario Regulation 1101. It applies to all companies, no matter how many employees, and is a mandatory regulation in the province of Ontario.

For employers with 1 to 5 employees:

For employers with 6 to 15 employees:

For employers with 16 to 200 employees:

  • The employer must provide a dedicated first aid room in accordance to section 10 & 11 of Ontario regulation 1101- First aid requirements.
  • The first aid room must be in charge by a registered nurse or a worker who holds standard first aid and CPR certification. This worker must be employed in the immediate vicinity of the first aid room.
  • The first aider must not be employed in a nature of work that will take away his/her ability to administer first aid when needed.