The Academy For First Aid and Safety Toronto
WSIB compliant first aid and CPR training in Toronto!
Certified training partner with the Canadian Red Cross Society!

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comprehensive first aid and CPR courses

Late Policy:

Oh snap!  I knew I shouldn’t of partied that late last night!

It happens: We get stuck in traffic, the bus came late, we drank too much, partied too hard the night before, or your alarm clock never went off!  This is just some of the reasons why we arrive late to school, work, or to any appointment.  At The Academy of First Aid & Safety, we are licensed under the Red Cross and must follow strict guidelines to not permit any participant to attend training if late.  The most we can give participants is a five-minute grace period.  Anything after five minutes, the participant will be required to re-book their training course at a later date.

In the event of a participant arriving late, please proceed to the receptionist where he/she will re-book you for the next available date.

Will I be required to pay again?

We charge a $200 re-booking fee……. just kidding!  

The Academy For First Aid & Safety will assess the available seats for future classes and will let you know whether or not you will have to pay again.  We certainly hope that we can accommodate you free of charge, but there is no guarantee.  This depends on registration capacities for subsequent dates.  Every case is different, and is best to seek assistance with the receptionist for the best possible resolution.