The Academy For First Aid and Safety Toronto     

WSIB compliant first aid, CPR, and AED training in Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Hamilton, Barrie, and Peel Brampton. Authorized provider of Emergency Medical Training Canada.

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Applications needed for work:

ClockShark is used for attendance purposes.  Please download it in the Google Play store (Android users) or the Apple app store (iPhone users). 

Remember: Your pay is based on your attendance reporting with ClockShark. If you do not download this app and you report to work, your pay can be delayed!  So please make sure you are 100% set up in the system prior to arriving on duty in order to avoid any payroll delays.


YOUR LOG IN: Your e-mail address
YOUR PASSWORD: Your password will be your first name (first letter is capital), your last name (first letter is capital), followed by the number 1.  This is all in one word.

Example, a name of John Smith will have a password of JohnSmith1 (very important for the letters J and S to be capital).

Basecamp is for communication purposes.  The company does not send any e-mails, SMS, or instant messages.  Please only use this application for general communication.

Your employer will send you an invitation link to your e-mail address to set this up shortly.

Notes about Basecamp:

There are two main sections when you open this app:

1) Private section: Private communication between you and the company
2) Public forum: Everyone can post and see what you write here.


It is very important that you post in the correct area.  All private communication involving sensitive data, please only post in private section.


Your primary contact if you have any questions:

1. Kien Hoang: Senior Operations Manager.  Cell phone: 416-738-9319

2. Sabahat Sabih: VP of Operations / Director: 647-528-49841



Notes: Only call if emergency. Any non-emergency inquiries please message on Basecamp only.
NO SMS allowed.  SMS not supported on this number.
E-mails are no longer supported.  We do not send any e-mails anymore.  For all communication, including messages, sending documents, etc., send it through Basecamp only.