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WSIB compliant first aid, CPR, and AED training in Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Hamilton, Barrie, and Peel Brampton. Authorized provider of Emergency Medical Training Canada.

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comprehensive first aid and CPR courses

Red Cross re-certification courses:

The Canadian Red Cross re-certification courses are for those who already possess valid certification and need to renew their skills for employment purposes:

Why do we all need to re-certify?

Our Red Cross first aid & CPR re-certification courses are intended for those who already possess valid first aid & CPR certification from the Canadian Red Cross, but are required by their employer to re-certify on an annual basis, or for those who possess valid first aid & CPR certification that is nearing its expiry date.


Level A- Adult:

First aid and CPR for adults only. Level A is commonly selected for workplace certifications that do not involve babies and children.

Level B- Baby:

First aid and CPR for babies only. This is often selected for babysitters and nannies who are involved in childcare.

Level C- Child:

Level C is the most commonly selected certification level: It includes adults, babies, and children together.

Level BLS- Healthcare:

Reserved for professional responders and healthcare professionals, which teaches more advanced life support skills.

Re-certification 101:

Our re-certification course is an refresher version of the traditional first aid & CPR course, summarizing the core training of the first aid & CPR training that was already taught to you in the past.  It’s sole purpose is to re-immerse you with the core first aid & CPR training in order for people to memorize the course curriculum by the means of repetition.  Although your current first aid & CPR certification has not yet expired, your employer may require you to attend a re-certification course on an annual basis in order to refresh your first aid skills.

What this course will provide you:

Course content for emergency first aid & CPR level C re-certification:

Course content for standard first aid & CPR Level C re-certification:

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Toronto re-certification courses:

*Toronto first aid courses are held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

*BLS courses are held every other Thursday.

Brampton re-certification courses:

*All Brampton courses are held every Sunday.