Beware of phantom first aid & CPR training providers!

Beware of uncertified and non WSIB compliant first aid training!

When choosing a training provider for your first aid and CPR certification needs, it is crucial for everyone to do a little research about the training institution prior to paying for any course.

In Ontario, employers are bound by safety rules and regulations from both the Ontario Safety Association (or OSA) and the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (or WSIB) to provide adequate first aid training by a certified training provider, as outlined in the Workplace Safety Insurance Act of Ontario.

Ontario WSIB and OHS approved first aid courses
The Ontario WSIB and OSA have strict mandatory first aid requirements for employers:

What type of first aid certification does WSIB require employees and employers to hold?

The Ontario Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) requires all employees to possess valid first aid and CPR from a WSIB APPROVED FIRST AID TRAINING PROVIDER. 

So how do we know which training provider is approved by the WSIB?  The WSIB has a link that shows all the approved WSIB training providers found by clicking on their approved list of training providers to deliver emergency and standard first aid & CPR.

As you can see from the list, the Canadian Red Cross is approved Provincial wide, and The Academy for First Aid & Safety is a Red Cross training partner.   Also, our training partner status can be verified by visiting the Canadian Red Cross’ website.

Rest assured, your first aid certification obtained by our academy is recognized, valid, and approved certification that is complaint with both the WSIB and OSA.


Beware of non-compliant training providers:

Unfortunately, there are many so called “phantom” first aid training providers that provide to the general public first aid and CPR training programs.  The course fees are generally lower due to the fact that they are not WSIB compliant.  Although they can be as comprehensive as WSIB approved training providers, the end result is a first aid certification card that is non-compliant with the WSIB and OSA.

Legal ramifications in the workplace:

In the event of an on-site surprise audit by the WSIB, OSA, or both, if the employer and all their employees have been found to carry non-compliant first aid training, fines can be levied against the employer for failing to provide adequate first aid training as per Regulation 1101 from the Workplace Safety Insurance Act.  What’s worse, if there was ever an injury at the workplace and the WSIB decides to inspect the accident scene and discovers that employees have non-WSIB compliant first aid training, this could spell legal trouble when it comes to WSIB injury claims against the employer.

Protect yourself with these simple steps: